We create momentum in our communities by allowing evolving perspectives to come to the forefront, but the real power to move these initiatives originates from our ability to make space for personal stories.

A Partner & Community Builder

Meet Liz, Director & Lead Coach and Culture Transformation and People Experience Partner

Liz empowers individuals and communities to drive positive change in workplace cultures. A community builder who helps create energized, creative, and innovative cultures that embody trust, belonging, and well-being. 

Liz’s brings 20 years of Corporate and International experience and knows how to create change that is sustainable, authentic, and positive. Through her unique professional and personal lived experiences, it inspired her to take action in becoming a Certified Professional Diversity Coach and Diversity-to-Belonging Facilitator. 

Liz is on a mission to uncover untold perspectives that ultimately promote awareness, action, and accountability around inclusive workplace communities continuing the SOMOSCulture.