Coaching & Consulting services that focus on building workplace communities.

Designing systemic methodologies tailored to organizations, leaders, and individuals who deliver on their promise to create and foster workplace communities that focus on belonging and well-being.

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SOMOS means “we are” in Spanish. When we intentionally create community by regarding the collective, we generate purposeful belonging for all members. At SOMOSCulture, we partner with organizations, leaders and individuals to intentionally build workplace communities that put belonging and workplace well-being in the center, and where each member feels empowered to embrace evolving perspectives and values.


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Coaching Services

Find alignment with a Certified Professional Diversity Coach who partners with clients in co-creating an intentional vision and action plan to maximize their personal and professional potential. In this environment, you will have an accountability partner that embodies trust, confidentiality and listening.

The key pillars in coaching with SOMOS are: 

  • Professional Development
  • Empowerment
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Career Pivots
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Culture Transformation and Engagement Learning Experiences

Learning experiences for teams with a forward-thinking Workplace Culture Transformation and People Experience partner to promote a company culture that embraces progressive values and deepens their commitment to creating a workplace community that promotes belonging and well-being.

We accomplish this through:

  • Aligning workplace culture goals and initiatives with company strategies
  • Building community blocks for motivation to inspire belonging with existing team
  • Discover individual targets to contribute towards company success
  • Co-create an inclusive community that promotes workplace well-being.
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Speaking Engagements

Like a TedTalk on steroids; Receive an energetic conversation on connecting communities through Liz’s authentic and passionate expertise of Culture, Belonging and Community. This approach is founded on joy and the belief that sharing stories can inspire and create impactful change through industry leaders.

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About Liz

I have over 18 years of experience in corporate and international Finance & Accounting roles within the Energy industry. This experience has inspired me to serve as a Certified Professional Diversity Coach, a workplace culture facilitator and community builder who partners with organizations and individuals to create energized and brave working environments that promote accountability and awareness around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I partner with a
community of seasoned experts who bring their individual strengths to create inclusive workplace cultures that meet the needs of organizations.

My clients are located in the US and across Europe.


The coaching experience has given me more confidence in myself and my ability to drive the change that I want to see in my life. It has also taught me how to navigate through challenging times.
She provided a rational sounding board to challenge my negative thoughts and give them less power over me.
Working with Liz has helped me overcome my own limiting beliefs regarding my ability to lead and drive change in the workplace. She also helped me to zone in on the values that are truly important to me and my own personal mission statement for my life. Her style is versatile and she constantly challenged me to show up as my best, authentic self. I am forever grateful for her coaching!

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